Fizitunes also known as (www.fizitunes.com) is an audio web content sharing
platform available Online and as a Mobile Application that allows users to upload,
download and live streaming of audio contents. The platform was created by
Wilondja Isaka Adebayo in 2018, Fizitunes is own and operated by Fizitunes Media Group  along with  fizitunes.com/blog and fizitunes.com/tv


  •  Make it easy for fans to download your music.
  • Promote your music online.
  •  Follow downloads live, minute for minute.
  • Get a full breakdown of your downloads and analytics to fully track your audiences
  • Sell your music within the website or put a link to your favourite  online music shop  like , iTunes, Spotify, etc….
  •  Get paid when someone listen to your songs without purchasing it
  • Collect all your royalties across different platforms
  • Integrate FIZITUNES player on all other music platform for free
  • Sell your merchandise for free  within the website


NB:  Advertisers can promote their products and services either through audio adverts attached to songs that are downloaded for free, or through banner adverts on an actual site to help support the artists .


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