We are working  very  hard to upgrade and improve the existing Web App  to be available on ANDROID and IOS   Mobile  Application to make it easier  for all our users to be able to enjoy the best services on their Android and iphone  Mobile   There will be some great new user friendly features and lots of  improvement and new stuff available to our users,  We are  expecting  the app to be available by the end of November  2020 due to COVID 19 ,  Thank you for your patients..

Link for the Demo is here:


  1. 30/09/2018  First Version of  the web App was created (Versio 1.0)
  2. 01/03/2019   First Demo and Test   (Version 2.0.1)
  3. 30/11/2020  (Final BETA Version 3.1.2) and the official  release date for Mobile App on Android and App Store.




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