Promote your music, brand , products, etc…

With 20K  users and millions of page views per month,

Fizitunes  is the perfect place for you to promote your music,

Brand, and your products.

For artists, bands, and labels.

Whether you’re a small  artist or a large music label,

you can make your music heard by thousands of new fans.

Smart targeting.

Promote your music to the right audience by choosing on which song/album/artist/genre/label

 pages your ad should be displayed or being played

Promote not only your music.

Get more people to follow your playlists, or drive more traffic to your YouTube videos , Subscriber,Spotify, itunes tunecore, bomplay, audiomac etc…..

Affordable, simple pricing.

Spend any amount  regarding  to your budget. No long-term contracts. you pay for when your visitors subscriber to one of  social media platforms

How It Works?

1.Create your ad.

Your ad can have an image and a text. It can point to any address like your Spotify release or YouTube video  or anywhere you want.

2.Choose where your ad should be displayed.

Your ad will be displayed on any page that matches your selected songs/albums/artists/genres/labels.

3.Top up your account and go live.

You will only be charged when your ad is actually clicked and  users being redirect  to your prefer destination.